Keyboard layout mappings for modal text editors.
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PROJECT = laymap
VERSION = $(shell cat version)
FILES = $(shell git ls-files usr/ Makefile)
GITEA_TOKEN = $(shell yq --raw-output .logins[0].token ~/.config/tea/config.yml)
.PHONY: dist upload
.SILENT: upload
dist: $(PROJECT)-v$(VERSION).tar.xz
$(PROJECT)-v$(VERSION).tar.xz: $(FILES)
rm -f $(PROJECT)-v$(VERSION).tar.xz
tar c -f - $(FILES) | xz -9 > $(PROJECT)-v$(VERSION).tar.xz
upload: dist
echo curl \
--upload-file $(PROJECT)-v$(VERSION).tar.xz \$(PROJECT)/$(VERSION)/source.tar.xz
curl \
--upload-file $(PROJECT)-v$(VERSION).tar.xz \